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Next Club meeting: December 3, Sat, 11am at Paul's

Meeting agenda:

1. Treasury Report

2. Concourse Meeting Report

3. January Pigeon Show

4. Cover for Shipping Crates

5. Shipping Crates Rack for Truck

6. Club Lighting

Description of Picture. The Greater Seattle Racing Pigeon Club is an organization of racing pigeon enthusiasts who live in the Puget Sound region of Washington State, U.S.A. This group consists of over 30 flyers from north of Seattle to south of Sumner and from the Olympic Peninsula on the west to the Cascades in the east. Races range from an average of 75 air miles from Toledo, WA to the furthest race station, Shingletown, CA, 500 air miles for most of the competitors.

A pigeon race is a race against the clock. Each flyer's loft is measured using global positioning to determine the exact airline distance from the race station. Members meet at the club house to enter their birds in the race and send them on the Concourse truck. On the morning of the race, the birds are released to return to their respective homes.

Each bird has a computerized leg band which records the day, minute, and second the bird arrives home. After arrival, members again convene at their club house to calculate each bird's speed in yards per minute using total flight time divided by the total yards from their home to the race station.

The fastest bird wins the race !!!

Description of Picture.

"Pictured is Florin Potra Winner of Master Loft, High Point Loft and High Point Bird for 2014 YB and 2015 OB at the Greater Seattle Club. "

Description of Picture.

Description of Picture.

Club Objective

The purpose and objectives of the Greater Seattle Racing Pigeon Club is to provide friendly competition among its members, to administer all of its business and social affairs on the highest level of sportsmanship, and to foster a positive social environment for its members and their families. GSC shall encourage the breeding, training and competitive racing of racing homing pigeons while providing for their safe care, handling and transportation. GSC shall recognize bird and loft performances through the issuance of diplomas, plaques, and trophies at an annual picnic.

If after reading through the information on this web site you are interested in obtaining more information or maybe interested in Joining Greater Seattle RPC please do not hesitate to contact us at info@pigeonbidder.com.

George Handfeeding some 2014 YB